Stacey Ann Photography | Chicago

At a loss, after many attempts to take a decent Christmas-card worthy photograph of my son Leo (sans santa hat and bad sweater) at the usual, lame department store studios, I started to ask around about local photographers who would come to you.  My good friend suggested her younger sister, Stacey Ann Kelley, who was in the process of building her photography portfolio.

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Leo and I met Stacey at a local Nature Sanctuary on a rainy day in November. Immediately, she put my tense, little man at ease. She encouraged Leo to play with the chickens, to climb the fences, to bring the christmas present to the horses (ok, so we brought some props) and my sensitive, shy little guy began to relax, have a little fun and *gasp* smile at the camera.  Towards the end of the shoot, Stacey gave Leo a giant, red, white and green lollipop to enjoy while she took the last of the pictures.

One week later, I received over 200 digital images of my child having fun at the farm and running through the woods. I was actually, a little overwhelmed by how many beautiful pictures I had to choose from for my family christmas card. (featured above). I can not count all the compliments I received when I ran into those who received our cards. She was the best.

Stacey, you exceeded my expectations and I look forward to many more photo shoots with you behind the lens.

Stacey is located in Chicago but will travel to the burbs.  She is uber creative. She only uses, the best, professional equipment. She is pretty, nice and fun.

To contact Stacey at ‘Stacey Ann Photography’, send an email to

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