W H A T – W E – D O

Pastiche Events | Chicago

My team and I just want you and your guests to have the best time ever. Actually, we EXPECT it. Since I was little, I have always liked to cook, bake, pretend, play, plan and party. For most of my life, I have helped people create unique, impressive, memorable events for their favorite guests.

Artistic. Resourceful. Hip. Tasteful. My rates vary by project but they are truly competitive. I make most everything myself, avoiding the high-priced vendors in this city, and I aim to stay one step ahead of the industry trends. 

To rattle off just a bit of what my team and I master; we

- make paper-everything

- create fresh designs

- come up with great, quirky decor

- creatively cater ANYTHING

- bake a lot of cupcakes

- construct photo booths

- photograph events

- pick flowers

- arrange killer sweets tables, and we

- coördinate happenings like it’s no one’s business.

Oh, and we also really like dealing with kids – kids parties are our favorite.  

In addition to event planning, I also refinish furniture and sell vintage home decor on Etsy. If you are curious to learn more, please visit my other site - Mint Julep Painting Co.

~ Patty Fanella ~

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