Fingerprint Snowmen Craft

Listing Photo - Christmas of 2015.jpgThis class craft and poem have been around for years and in 2012, my child finally got to make his own. These ornaments make an adorable memory for the kids to take home from the class holiday party and they have fun making them for their parents.

This craft is the perfect keepsake for your child’s holiday class party or just to give to the grandparents. Don’t forget to add a matching ribbon and have your child sign the back of the tag!

Please visit my paper shop on Etsy to instantly download the pdf for only $2.00.


  • Unbreakable ornaments, 1 for each child
  • White craft paint
  • Tray or a paper plate for the paint
  • Ribbon
  • Fine-point Sharpies (black looks best)
  • Poem cards to hang on each ornament
  • Cello bags and Solo Cups to keep them safe for take-home
  • DON’T FORGET TO WRITE THEIR NAMES ON THE BACK OF THE ORNAMENT with a white paint pen. It would be sad if the wrong little set of prints went to the wrong home!
  • Tip: Ask the teacher if you and a helper can come in a week before to make the fingerprints. They can decorate them the day-of the party…it will leave time for more class activities.

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