Star Wars Valentines

Star Wars Valentines - Free Printable 2015

Last year my son was obsessed with Jaws and this year it’s Star Wars. Since I was born in 1978, you can imagine how delighted I am…

I borrowed the super cool character sketches from Alecia Dawn Photography, who has been kind enough to share her designs on Pinterest since 2012. But of course, I had to make them my own to please my picky child…slightly different wording, only four of his favorite “guys” and enough space for a Starburst. 🙂

Feel free to borrow the image below for your own personal use…and if you’re a grown-up who wants to hand these out, Yoda best. Happy Love Day!

Star Wars Valentines_For Personal Use Only
Just click to open and Save.


11 thoughts on “Star Wars Valentines

  1. These are adorable! Thank you! Just wondering though if I am doing something wrong when printing. The bottom of the valentines are cut of and print on a 2nd page. Any tips? Thanks!


    1. That shouldn’t happen…when I test it, it copies and pastes just fine. Try screen-printing it when the whole image is in view. Then inserting your screen print image into a program like Microsoft Publisher (or Word) to print. Thank you!


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