Adventures in Crafting | Wreaths

My wreath from the crafting party - a mix of some of my mom's vintage ornaments and cheapos from Target! I've sold almost a dozen since attending this party!
My wreath from the crafting party – a mix of some of my mom’s vintage ornaments and cheapos from Target! I’ve sold almost a dozen since attending this party!

Having recently bonded over our premature holiday cheer and an unhealthy affinity for Mod Podge and glitter, a few of us got together on a Saturday afternoon to eat, drink and craft. Denise initiated the gathering and hosted it at her cozy Logan Square apartment and it…was…awesome.

While old-timey Christmas music played, we drank her homemade Hot Spiced Cider, snacked on veggies and hummus and got to work. A few hours later we had all created wreaths that were completely different from one another. I’m already looking forward to the next project – which we have decided to keep vague, like the wreaths. Leaves room for inspiration…

Keep reading to see the very different wreaths we all made and, more importantly, to see photographs of food and a smushy-faced cat named Moses. He’s adorable…and fabulous from all of that glitter shrapnel.

Just the essentials…
Moses, the crafty kitty.
Panettone Trifle (the recipe)…and see? There’s the wine!


Denise’s Spiced Cider with Cranberries
They were all business.
Here is Holly carving out oodles of poodles. They’re kind of her favorite thing.
The Glue Gun Station and Holly’s cute babies belly (twins!).
Denise’s Wreath – Mod Podged ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ Stars and Glitter Glass Ornaments (she made those!).
Rita’s Wreath – The Martha of the group hand-painted and glittered each green berry on the twine wrapped around the branches of the wreath.
Donna’s Wreath – Many, many layers of giant blue and silver snowflakes…Donna likes to keep it classy.
Holly’s Wreath – She really, really, REALLY loves poodles. Her own, Buffy and Bowie, pictured at the top of the wreath…combined with rustic stars and a big, gold French Poodle. It’s so cute and totally her own.